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Here at CoRE we offer a myriad of hardware & software solutions for an impressive number of clients, customers and businesses..

That was good use of the word "myriad" wasn't it? Well anyway, the best way to get an idea of the scope of what we sell and how it can help you, is to come by the shop. But we understand you're a busy person so we've listed a random cross section of some of the hardware packages we offer here.

The Core Special
(A good all around entry level system)
Home System 3
(Perfect for the home office..)
Gaming System 1
(Entry Level Gaming Rig)
Gaming System 2
(Mid-Level Gaming Rig)
Ultimate Gamer
(Wow... not for the squimish)

All the systems listed on the site here can also be downloaded in a PDF file. Franco made the flyers himself, he's very proud of them. Compliment them and he'll give you a pen. (He's very fond of pens.)

To Order, give us a call or come by the shop. We look forard to making all your friends jealous of your new computer.

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6/17 - 2014 CoRE is generating excellent computer technology services from 1020 Suite C Robeson Street, Fayetteville, NC, 28305.
3/16 - 2011 has kicked off with a bang and Spring is coming up fast. Kick off Spring with a rocking gaming system from CoRE. Have a gaming computer built by a gamer!! For all you medical and dental facilites, we are HIPPA certified! HIPAA certification.
7/2007 - CoRE has added Forensics Data Recovery to its list  of computer services. (more)
10/27 - We Rock, according to the Fayetteville Observer CoRE Computer Technologies is the best place to buy a computer. Cool eh?




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